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Content + Sales = The Perfect Match for Marketing ROI

If you think back to middle school, getting that girl/guy to say yes to that first date meant you had to put yourself out there. Remember that nerve-wracking process? Passing a cheesy note through a friend...

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3 Harsh Realities Every Marketer Faces When it Comes to Content… and How to Solve Them

Content is king… or so they say. But the hardest part is effectively measuring it’s return on investment. Whether you are in manufacturing, technology, healthcare, banking, or another industry, the problem is apparent. A recent study...

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From Marketing to Sales – Why Data is Glue

We recently worked with a client in which their marketing-to-sales hand-off process was far from perfect. In fact, many of their marketing investments were going straight to the trash bin. First, sales believed marketing’s leads were...

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