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10 Step Checklist for Creating Actionable Segmentations and Personas

For all of the talk around one-to-one marketing, human beings still need frameworks to understand their world, and marketers are no exception. The word “segmentation” might be ubiquitous among marketers, but it’s difficult to find two...

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How to Build a Product-Centric Data Science Organization

Realistically, most data science is heads-down, unpredictable activity. Typically, a data scientist is given an objective, such as “tell me the part-worth of TV in my advertising mix”, or “come up with a classifier to put...

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6 Step Framework for Marketing Content Optimization

In today’s marketing landscape of channel proliferation, ultra-savvy buyers, and chronic shortages of time and attention, investing in really good content might be the highest ROI decision a CMO or CRO can make. Really good content...

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What About Small Data? Part 1

Big data remains all the rage. After exploding onto the scene in roughly 2012, with the popularization of the Hadoop framework, the big data lens still dominates the “LinkedIn press.” This myopia is certainly not without...

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How to Cross-Sell at Scale – Part 1

Cross-selling is the fastest, most profitable path to incremental revenue growth, period. With existing accounts and existing buyers, companies already have contracts in place, relationships established, and the data needed to identify new revenue opportunities. Assuming...

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Coming Full Circle: Bringing Art Back to Marketing Science

Yesterday was my first day (back) on the job at MarketBridge leading marketing analytics. I’ve been gone for nine years, and it is truly great to be back at this special organization. This return to my...

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Why MarketBridge Hired a Chief Analytics Officer

Ok, forget the lofty title. The last thing most companies need is another new C-level position. Nevertheless, every company from a Fortune 500 titan to a 20-person law firm needs the equivalent of CAO. Why?  And...

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5 CEO Principles for Developing an Applied Analytics Strategy

As both topics of AI and Facebook data usage gain greater attention from the media, customers, investors, and regulators, it’s time for CEOs to get deeply engaged in an Applied Analytics Strategy. So what is an Applied Analytics...

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Marketers – You’re Doing it All Wrong. How to Chop the Funnel in Half + Gain ROI.

In the past, my team and our clients have spent a lot of time, energy, and budget at the top of the funnel. Whether it be creating valuable content, writing clever emails, delivering webinars, or attending...

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Sales Prioritization: Turning Art Into Science

The art of selling parallels the discipline of time management. Selling, like time management, is knowing how to prioritize and manage your time. Today, most sellers go through a manual process to figure out who to touch,...

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5 Considerations Before “Investing” in Your Sales Stack Strategy

The single question that I get asked the most as a Sales Operations lead is “When?!” In today’s tangled web of sales stack tools, data and analytics, sales leaders want to know “how quickly can we...

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6 Key Sales and Marketing Trends of Q1 2017

Lessons Drawn from 100s of Executive Conversations…   Every business quarter, MarketBridge has the privilege of speaking with hundreds of B2B sales and marketing leaders. Based on these conversations, we noticed six sales and marketing trends...

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