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What Uber Teaches Us About Great Sales and Buyer Enablement

The “last mile” of revenue generation (getting a qualified lead to close) is always the biggest hurdle. Whether B2B or B2C, this ultimately requires some level of personal relationship development and product customization. Yet many times,...

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Cyborgs Will Beat Robots: Building a Human-AI Culture

In the ongoing AI revolution, winning companies won't just have the best black boxes, they will need a robust team of AI-fluent interfacers. The role of the AI interfacer is described and segmented into five different sub-roles. Do's and Don'ts are described for building your AI interfacer bench.

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How to Take an Omni-channel Approach to Sales Enablement

Today’s typical buyer journey was best described as, “…a big bowl of spaghetti,” at the Gartner Sales and Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. Thanks to constant innovation in digital and mobile technology, buyers now have the...

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