Human and AI-Powered Decisions

Harness internal and external customer intelligence to optimize decisions across the buyer journey.

MarketBridge pioneered sales and marketing data analytics in the early 2000’s. Today, we help companies make the right decisions at every step of the go-to-market journey.

Best practices and AI, combined.

We combine omnichannel prospect, customer, and promotional data into a unified go-to-market data store. Our analysts then leverage an ever-evolving library of machine learning models to help our clients make the most impactful decisions.


Powered by our PlayCaller™ platform, but delivered via existing technology solutions.

Go-to-market decisions and results reporting are powered by our PlayCaller™ platform, but results—whether models, ROI data, or lists—are delivered via the platforms you already use.


Agile and reproducible.

We work as an extension of your team, executing quickly and turning on a dime. Our work is reproducible to its core—we deliver our models, data, and recommendations with total transparency; no black boxes here.

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