A single source for fast and relevant content access

Content, meet sales rep.  Sales rep, meet revenue.

Arm sales with faster access to better, more relevant content from anywhere – in less than 30 seconds.

Faster content access

Solve for siloed content by pulling your collateral into a single source. DigitalAccess™ seamlessly pulls marketing content into our cloud from your existing content sources. Our platform, tagging models, and content methodologies will have your content organized and easily accessible in less than a week. What’s more, we do all the work for you.

Quicker sales cycles

Deliver the right content at the right time for faster buying decisions. Take control of the sales cycle by increasing the resources for sales to access and decreasing the time it takes to find it. DigitalAccess™ allows any sales reps and all partners to filter by buyer journey, product, industry and more to find the right content for each buyer.

Smarter content creation

Get intelligence to help you invest in the right content to improve sales performance. DigitalAccess™ provides back-end analytics to show you how sales people, channel partners and buyers utilize your content – to know what to change, add, and eliminate to reduce overhead costs.

Get more out of your content investments.

Give sales and channel partners fast and relevant access to your valuable content resource.

A user interface that can’t get more simple.

An easy-to-use content portal that provides focused access to the right content for each opportunity.

Bringing together your siloed content has never been easier.

Seamlessly pull content from multiple sources – including Dropbox,, Sharepoint, Google Drive, and more – into a single platform.


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Centralized content, fast tracked to your reps.