Next-gen market intelligence to empower sales, marketing and channel teams



The insights you need to plan your next move.

Customer trends, competitive insights and strategic guidance – sourced, synthesized and delivered monthly.

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1,000s of Customer and Competitor Conversations

Consolidated insights from across the entire digital atmosphere. From social media channels, news sites and industry-specific blogs, MarketBridge carries the expertise to monitor, source and mine the most relevant customer and competitor intel.

Relevant, Tailored Insights

Customized, actionable intelligence to galvanize your business. MarketBridge works with you to customize DigitalPulse™ to the industries you serve, the products you’re taking to market and the competitors you’re battling for market share.

Empowered Teams

Educated and empowered cross-functional teams with clear knowledge of customer, industry and product trends. DigitalPulse™ provides your marketing, channel and sales teams with insights to tailor outreach strategies, messaging development and product positioning.

Critical intelligence, delivered monthly.

From breaking news to robust industry, product, partner and competitor insights, DigitalPulse™ provides clear commentary and actionable insights needed for any enterprise team.


Increased Sales

Educate and empower sales teams with knowledge of customer, industry and product trends for better solution positioning.

DigitalPulse for Marketing Teams

Stronger MQLs

Give marketing teams the insight needed to build more relevant, revenue-driving campaigns and pinpoint new or better target audiences.

DigitalPulse for Sales Teams

Greater Channel Success

Arm channel or partner teams with actionable learnings to accelerate success and optimize recruitment, onboarding and partner-led campaigns.

DigitalPulse for Channel Partners

A peek at what to expect inside DigitalPulse.™

Hottest Conversation Trends and Topics

What are buyers and channel partners are currently talking about digitally? What are the main pain points and ripe opportunities by issue?

Top Competitor Hits and Misses

Which competitors are outpacing you with market engagement and how? Which have missed windows-of-opportunity for you to capitalize on?

Your Brand in the Spotlight

How and when did the digital conversation shine on your brand? How can you magnify that engagement to fuel sales, marketing or channel partner tactics?

Accelerate your success with DigitalPulse™