Market Intelligence and First-Mover Insights

Capture timely and actionable customer and competitive insights to drive new revenue opportunities.

Move from “interesting” insights to precise, action-driving intelligence. MarketBridge combines digital listening, primary research, and behavioral data with the best human intelligence to give your team timely, digestible, and newsworthy market intelligence.

All-encompassing and agnostic.

We deliver our solutions where, when, and how they are needed most.


Designed for action.

Our insights are delivered by email, dashboard, and PowerPoint readouts to fuel quarterly marketing campaigns, monthly sales plans, and weekly account marketing programs across all channels.

On-demand expertise.

The same expert analysts that deliver your insights reports are available for on-call consulting and ad-hoc requests when intelligence for the moment is needed.


Powered by our DigitalPulseā„¢ platform.

Our digital listening platform and methodology allows our analysts to quickly find, sift, and drill into quantitative sources with precision and consistency.


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