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Your biggest risk is failure to execute a digital sales and marketing strategy

Today’s insurers are facing digital disruption – mobile, social media and new business models are changing the way clients expect to interact (evaluate and select products, submit claims and servicing). This has created opportunities for new entrants and pressure for existing insurers with a desperate need for innovation. Our solutions enable you to capitalize on 100’s of customer data points to reach higher quality prospects, ensure retention and cross-sell new lines of business.

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Acquire New Customers

Today, Insurers aren’t adequately leveraging analytics and data to identify new potential customers. For B2C insurance, online and instant quoting makes it harder to acquire amongst the competition.

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Insurers are not capitalizing on the greatest asset for revenue growth: their customer base. As a result, opportunities to promote new lines of business to expand are missed.

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Retain Customers

Lack of visibility into customer data means predictive churn signals are missed or alerted too late for marketing and sales to react. In addition, price alone is driving more consumers to competitors.

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Market Challenges in Insurance

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