Achieve better, repeatable results faster with MarketBridge’s data management, machine learning, and reporting platform.

PlayCaller is a purpose-built marketing analytics platform that helps people sense of data faster, whether exploring insights, building models, or measuring results—and it’s a part of every MarketBridge engagement.

Sales and marketing data science, without software baggage.


Data Management

      • Data In. A set of tools for accepting data from practically any CRM, marketing automation, or data storage system under the sun.
      • Data Storage. Common definitions for leads, opportunities, customers, contacts, activities, white space, and documents mean we spend less time with data munging and more time adding value.


      • Agile Model Library. A constantly improved-upon set of models for segmentation, propensity, content scoring, and risk mean we always have a huge head start over bespoke competitors.
      • Branch and Own. As a client, branch and own any of our models. Keep up-to-date with our master branch with a low-cost subscription.

Activation Outputs

      • Data Out. We get you your data when and how you need it—whether via file, email, or API.
      • Reporting and Visualization. Whether “just the facts” or cutting-edge visualization, understand the what and the why of your go-to-market performance.

Accelerate your lead-to-close cycle with PlayCaller