2018 Health Insurance Report


Q3 Health Insurance Excerpt
from DigitalPulse™ Research

The pace of innovation in the health payer space continued unabated throughout 2018. While American politicians began to propose a Medicare for All universal healthcare system in the run-up to the midterms, insurers continued innovating on the product front in an effort to combat perceptions of too-high premiums and nickel-and-diming on services.

In this excerpt, MarketBridge synthesizes signal from across the digital ecosystem (social, news, influencer, advertising) to highlight critical competitive, consumer target, and go-to-market insights for payers as they plan for 2019.

What’s in the Report:

  1. Executive Summary and Recommendations
    Immediate (quick-win) and long-term (strategic) actions
  2. Topic Spotlights
    Surfaced hot topics in the industry in Q3
  3. Brand Spotlights
    Deep dive on three key players (United Healthcare, Aetna and Cigna)
  4. Consumer Behavior Themes
    Major themes arising in consumer conversations