Channel Solutions

Arm vendors and partners with all they need to drive growth and loyalty

Why todays businesses struggle with the vendor-channel relationship:

Your channel partners lack the scale and expertise to use customer intelligence, product knowledge and digital content to their selling advantage.

Partners have limited customer intelligence to better inform and customize customer outreach.

Partners lack the resources to support vendor initiatives or are overwhelmed with the abundance of vendor communications.

Despite your efforts, you aren’t seeing results.

Revamp the channel relationship.

MarketBridge has everything you need to grow relationships with your channel partners. We help you equip partners with the right datacontent, and programs to succeed. At the same time, visibility into content adoption, customer engagement and program performance for all partners shows ROI and proves you put partners first.

Equip partners and grow share of wallet.

Enhanced Customer Insights

Share more customer intelligence with your partners through our data cloud to give them increased visibility into purchase behavior, product usage and digital footprints with non-identifiable customer IDs.

Better Targeting

Deliver your partners the right prospects from the start. Our predictive analytics engine to scores who, what, how, and when to engage target buyers.

Revenue-Driving Campaigns and Sales Plays

Collaboratively execute targeted marketing and sales plays with relevant content and product knowledge to increase demand and accelerate sales.

Compelling Partner Enablement Programs

Onboard and enable teams with relevant and compelling training programs, prescriptive sales playbooks and on-going communications that motivates partners and ensures success.

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