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Anticipate and manage the customer journey

Why today's marketers face greater challenges than ever before:

60% of your customer's buying process is now conducted online

Prospects and customers are using new marketing channels, such as digital content, social, communities and influencers, to start the buying process

Your competitors do not stop marketing to your customers once you bring them on-board

So why will only 5% of your leads convert to revenue? Here's 4 reasons.


The abundance of prospect behavioral and intent data are not used to inform better targeting


Firms are over-reliant on batch and blast email marketing tactics


Prospects and customers can’t access personalized, relevant content on your web site


Leads are passed too quickly (or too slowly) to sales

Powered by our products and supported by world class services, MarketBridge delivers business impact


A single source for fast and relevant content access.

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Next-gen market and customer intelligence to empower marketing teams.

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Data-driven sales guidance built inside your CRM

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MarketBridge solutions for revenue marketers

Acquire New Customers
Find, nurture and convert more prospects across your marketing funnel

Enable & Accelerate Sales
Improve sales and marketing alignment and arm your sales channels to turn leads into customers

Retain Existing Customers
Retain and grow your customer relationships by aiming marketing engines at your existing customer base

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