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Accelerate sales in today’s buying environment

Why today's sales rep struggles to sell

Your customer conducts research, knows their options, and calls sales reps only when they need a price

With an abundance of information on the customer, sales struggles to find and know what's most important

Content is the new currency for sales, but sales reps struggle to know what to send, when, and through which channel

67% of sales reps don't hit their quota. Here's why:


Reps lack a single source of enriched customer data to prepare for contacting opportunities


Reps have trouble prioritizing outreach to the right people at the right time


Reps are overwhelmed with marketing content, but don't know what to send to move them through the customer journey stages


The sales workflow has inefficiencies that reduce a rep's selling time

MarketBridge solutions for sales leaders

Convert Leads to Customers
Give your reps with insight to prioritize their outreach to when customers are ready to buy

Acquire New Customers
Enable your reps to find, nurture, and convert more prospects

Retain and Cross-Sell
Retain and grow your customer relationships by arming your reps with the right content and channels

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Customer Acquisition

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Cross-sell / Upsell

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Customer Retention

Powered by our products and supported by world class services, MarketBridge delivers business impact

Stringer™ for Sales

Empower your reps to manage customer journeys and react to buying signals

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Stringer™ for Marketing

Engage customers with timely information tailored to their needs, while you shorten sales cycles and reduce content-creation costs

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SMART™ Analytics

Give your reps rich customer data, analytics, and reporting to better manage the customer buying journey

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