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Capture your share of cloud-driven recurring revenues

The current transformation from traditional hardware and software sales to annuity subscription models has created substantial growth opportunities. Are you equipping and enabling your inside sales and partner channels to capture your share? Our solutions enable technology industry leaders to engage higher-quality prospects, increase usage and platform cross-sell, and ensure customer renewals and upgrades.


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Acquire New Customers

New technology offerings mean new customers to acquire. Many marketing and sales channels don’t have the needed customer data, analytics and content to win over new prospects who are most ready to buy.

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Your greatest asset for revenue growth is your existing customer base. Inside sales and channel partners are missing predictive analytics on the right offer and content for each buyer to better expand your footprint.​

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Retain Customers

Retaining and renewing existing contracts is core to revenue growth. Yet, low product usage, purchase behavior, and service data are often ignored. These churn signals are critical for marketing and sales to react.​

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Market Challenges in Technology

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How Healthy is Your Partner Portal?

We know that recruiting and empowering the right channel partners is mandatory to your success. But a partner portal and a “one-size fits all” approach won’t work for all of your partners. Watch this on-demand webinar with MarketBridge...

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“Big Data” & “Big Content” are Sales & Marketing’s Best Friends

The demand for “big data” and “big content” to better acquire, retain, and cross-sell B2B customers is growing rapidly. Since 2010, most B2B companies have made significant investments in four core types of customer engagement platforms:...

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