Analyst: Decisions Team


MarketBridge, a leading marketing insights, data science, and execution company focused on the health, financial services, and technology industries, is seeking at least one top-tier entry level analyst to join its Decisions team.

Analysts at MarketBridge are immediately charged with solving the most interesting and challenging problems that our clients face, using a variety of tools and methods. Hands-on training in data science, market research, strategy, and quantitative analysis ensure that motivated individuals quickly progress. MarketBridge alumni typically attend top business schools and other graduate programs, and today are executives at some of the world’s most admired companies.

This is a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge, challenging problems at one of the most dynamic marketing consulting firms in the world.


This is an entry-level position, so we are looking for the right person, not a specific basket of skills. That being said, the ideal candidate will be:

  • A graduate of a top undergraduate college or university, with a GPA of at least 3.5
  • Highly quantitative, with a background in advanced math, computer science, economics, another hard science, or highly quantitative social science (it is not required to have majored in these areas, but mastery and/or significant coursework must be demonstrated)
  • Radically open to new ideas, curious about everything, always questioning, and never content with a surface-level understanding of an issue
  • Extremely conscientious, with excellent study habits and organizational skills
  • An independent self-starter who is comfortable taking risks
  • Not necessarily a coder or statistician today, but eager to dive in and learn these skills
  • A solid citizen who is a net contributor to our culture


Analysts on the Decisions Team:

  • Work on one or more client projects simultaneously, solving problems using a hybrid creative-scientific approach
  • Eventually master specific toolsets, including but not limited to:
    • Data science using R and/or Python
    • Data manipulation using SQL
    • Storytelling using PowerPoint
    • Reporting using Tableau, Shiny, and proprietary software
    • Research, both internal and external (primary research)
  • Synthesize analyses, strategic frameworks, and research to construct compelling, detailed, and actionable recommendations for our clients
  • Design, build, and troubleshoot complex marketing processes and technologies

Position Title: Analyst

Type: Full Time

Department: Decisions Team

Manager: Chief Analytics Officer

Location: Bethesda, MD