Think Small to Win Big: How Carriers Should Approach Small Business Buyers at an Individual Level

Carriers work hard to drive customer satisfaction when it comes to their small business clients. To meet the needs of their small business clients, they often identify the different types of accounts and target them in unique ways.  A blue-collar workforce might mean the business has different benefit priorities than a white-collar business. A young company may be more inclined to […]

Key Strategies To Win Over SMB Benefit Buyers

Employees today are demanding more and more out of their benefits package. MarketBridge conducted a multi-faceted research study on workplace benefits with business owners, HR buyers and employees. In surveying over 300+ SMB employers and employees…

5 Emerging Growth Strategies to Win in the Subscription Economy

For many Tech enterprises, the move from on-prem hardware/software sales to a subscription-based model has sales and marketing teams rethinking their go-to-market methodologies. To identify which strategies will move the needle, you need in-depth market research on top tech contenders, market issues and pressing challenges.

Why the Ancillary Insurance Market is About to Boom, and Only Some Will Have Competitive Advantage

Offering a health plan is no longer enough. Today’s employers are adding dental, life, long-term disability and other innovative ancillary benefits in order to attract and retain the best talent in the tightest labor market in years. This means brokers and carriers need to follow suit for immediate and longer-term revenue opportunities.

Edge Computing Report

In this excerpt, MarketBridge synthesizes signal from across the digital ecosystem (social, news, influencer, advertising) to highlight critical competitive and go-to-market insights for enterprises offering edge computing solutions to manufacturing businesses…

How Simply “Watching Your Buyers” Can Increase Retention Rates

One of our clients recently came to us with an issue that we immediately diagnosed as a friction problem. A product had been conceived and built which should have been selling well, but uptake was slow. There was nothing functionally wrong with the product; it did what it said it did, and it filled an […]

Using Digital “Intelligence” To Source Vertical Opportunities

NOTE:  This is part of a blog series entitled, “The Six Chapters of the Social Insights Story.”  You can read the intro here. All of us know what it’s like to drive at night in a dense fog. Given the obscurity and lack of clarity in front of us, we use various bits of information to help […]

2018 Health Insurance Report

In this excerpt, MarketBridge synthesizes signal from across the digital ecosystem (social, news, influencer, advertising) to highlight critical competitive, consumer target, and go-to-market insights for payers as they plan for 2019…

How Mature is Your Market Intelligence Model?

Recently, our DigitalPulse team attended the Netbase Live 2018 conference in New York. We participate in events like this as part of our ongoing commitment to our clients to stay on the leading edge in the field of digital listening and intelligence. The event saw a diverse mix of experts take the stage ranging from researchers at Carnegie […]

The Power of Personas

I’ve always been intrigued by the ability of an effective coach to enhance the skills of a highly successful athlete. How do you motivate a decorated veteran like Serena Williams to compete at Wimbledon? How does Michael Phelps’ coach inspire him to break yet another Olympic record? Successful coaching requires understanding the goals, needs and […]