Blow the Doors Off of Inside Sales Performance in 2016

Inside sales is becoming a preferred channel for organizations to drive sales conversations and pipeline growth. It offers major efficiencies over traditional direct sales models, including the ability to specialize sales reps on certain activities and areas of the funnel, and provides major scale in increasing the volume and improving the conversion of deals. Sales […]

Sales Teams Must Adapt to the New Customer Buying Journey

Customers have clearly changed how they conduct their buying process. Their expectations have changed as it relates to their process of evaluating product or service options, self-educating, participating in decision making groups, and ultimately deciding on and making a purchase. Customers now spend significantly more time doing online research, they expect to be served up […]

Cold Calling is Far From Dead

Type “cold calling is dead” into a basic Google search and you receive over 50,000,000 search results. Many of which are provocative thought pieces around the shift in buying behavior and how technology has made the cold call obsolete. I agree that cold calling has forever changed, but it certainly is NOT dead. Even in […]