5 Metrics to Track When Building Your Lead Nurture Strategy

Whether you’re a small business struggling to connect with the social networking junkies of the 21st century, or an industry leader eager to maintain momentum in the digital space, it’s imperative to recognize the power online communities can have on your lead nurture strategy. Survival of the “digitally fittest” proves that today’s most successful marketers […]

Elevate Your Lead Scoring with the Right Content

Implementing and truly adopting lead scoring can help put companies on the path to more efficient and effective lead management and nurture processes. This ultimately helps drive better conversion rates and financial outcomes. However, it is important that your lead scoring does not stand alone. In other words, the lead score is insufficient to drive […]

Is Your Marketing and Sales Funnel Constipated?

You sense that something is not right. Your marketing performance lately has been a bit bloated. Leads are not flowing on a regular schedule. You—and Sales—are feeling the pain of less lead output. When you are really honest with yourself, this lead blockage has been going on for a while now. This could be the […]

Driving Adoption of Your Lead Scoring Solution

There is no shortage of data on why companies should use lead scoring. More and more B2B organizations are moving to a data driven, often predictive, approach and finding value from it. Some studies suggest that the majority of companies are either using lead scoring or are planning to do so (73%) [1] with more […]

Lead Scoring: Everybody’s Doing It… But You May Need an Upgrade

Is everybody doing lead scoring? In some way, yes. Some are using predictive analytics. Others are using a business rule- or points-based approach, often leveraging the built-in functionality in their marketing automation tool. Others still are simply drawing on intuition and experience to score and prioritize who they call on or slot into the next […]

5 Steps to Building a Successful Nurture Engine

Nurture campaigns have recently sparked the interest of marketers. They are now paying close attention to trending engagement tactics that result in higher conversion rates. That being said, it’s not easy to launch a nurture campaign. A best practice would suggest to run a pilot nurture campaign that we will define as a “nurture engine” […]

Part 7 – Lead Scoring is the Key to Sales Productivity

The core element in creating marketing and sales connectivity is the effectiveness of the lead management and lead qualification processes. Organizations cannot establish trust between marketing and sales if the lead hand off process is broken or ineffective. Marketing must have the ability to qualify leads before passing them to sales in order for the […]

Why Isn’t Sales Following Up On Our Leads?

A little over a year ago I was asked to assess the lead generation-to-close process of a large, global enterprise company. Marketing told me that despite their best efforts, with marketing automation the company revenues were not growing as projected. But that was not all. According to Marketing, there had been little-to-no follow up on […]