Stormproofing against upstarts

Why the Ancillary Insurance Market is About to Boom, and Only Some Will Have Competitive Advantage

Offering a health plan is no longer enough. Today’s employers are adding dental, life, long-term disability and other innovative ancillary benefits in order to attract and retain the best talent in the tightest labor market in years. This means brokers and carriers need to follow suit for immediate and longer-term revenue opportunities.

Ancillary Benefits Industry Report

In this excerpt, MarketBridge highlights critical competitive and go-to-market insights as carriers, brokers and insurance industry disruptors try to take a cut of the growing demand for integrated healthcare.

9 Requirements for Effective Cross-Selling in Financial Services

As a part of their Future of Financial Services series, the World Economic Forum recently released a comprehensive and far-reaching report on the “New Physics of Financial Services” and the impact that digital transformation and the rise of Artificial Intelligence is having on the financial services ecosystem. There is no doubt that these trends will […]

FinServ: A Look Back at the Top 5 of 2018

Looking back at the top 5 blogs of 2018 validates our observation that there is still a significant amount of friction in the Go-to-Market models in the Financial Services industry today.  Incumbent FI’s must become much more agile at identifying those friction points, and leveraging a combination of data and insight, analytics, content and technology […]

2019: Eliminating Go-to-Market Friction in FinServ

I had the opportunity over the Holidays to reflect a bit on our Financial Services client experience over the past year, and to think ahead to some of the key industry Go-to-Market challenges we see for 2019. I went through our blogs for 2018 to see which were the most popular and looked for themes […]

MarketBridge Insider, FinServ Edition (November)

Hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break and a chance to relax! Now that the sprint is on toward year-end, we thought we would look ahead to 2019 and the coming B2B Payments wave. Despite the rapid increase in consumer payment options and adoption over the last several years, the B2B payments market has been […]

The “Climate Change” of B2B Payments

A recent Gallup Poll showed that while a majority of Americans believe in man-made climate change, it is only a minority that believe they will personally be affected. While there are significant variations along political lines, an average assessment found that only about 45% of people had any concern that they would personally be impacted […]

Winning in the Coming B2B Payments Revolution: How Financial Institutions Can Avoid Disintermediation

The SMB B2B Payments market is heating up as the digital revolution continues to ripple through the Financial Services marketplace. The B2B payments market for the Small and Midsize Business segment (up to $1B in revenue) is expected to grow to $9.06 Tr by 2020 – a CAGR of 4.2% from its 2014 base of […]

2018 Health Insurance Report

In this excerpt, MarketBridge synthesizes signal from across the digital ecosystem (social, news, influencer, advertising) to highlight critical competitive, consumer target, and go-to-market insights for payers as they plan for 2019…

FinServ Digital Transformation: It’s All About the Data

CEOs and their leadership teams in FinServ companies—from banking to insurance to credit—are moving on to the next wave of digital transformation: data strategy and execution. While every company is at different stages of digital maturity (as are individual BUs and functions within each company), one trend is absolutely clear: