Customer-Centricity: Definition, Challenges, and Solutions

Like every business buzzword (or buzz-phrase, in this case), customer-centricity has lost a lot of its meaning as it has been adopted by marketers trying to differentiate their SaaS products. At the same time, it’s all there in the name, right? Being customer-centric means thinking like your customers, paying attention to your customers, listening to your customers, […]

Conducting a Data Audit to Prepare for Digital Sales Transformation

A foundational data understanding can ultimately make or break your transition to systematic sales decision making. Here are 9 actionable tasks to help you prepare for digital sales transformation.

Episode 6: Building a Scalable Cross-sell Intelligence Platform

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth In Episode 6, MarketBridge’s CEO discusses how to build a scalable cross-selling engine by applying machine learning and analytics in making sales and marketing decisions. Businesses’ existing customers expect sales reps and marketers to deliver more personalized outreach than ever before. With the hundreds of data points […]

5 CEO Principles for Developing an Applied Analytics Strategy

Image: Hunter Haley As both topics of AI and Facebook data usage gain greater attention from the media, customers, investors, and regulators, it’s time for CEOs to get deeply engaged in an Applied Analytics Strategy. So what is an Applied Analytics Strategy? Applied analytics is about the strategic use of data for decisions within a […]

Secret Sauce to Growth in B2B Communications – Intent Data

Communications businesses are leading the charge in the B2C consumer space. Understanding consumer needs and the buyer journey is no new news to leaders in this space… But from the B2B side of the business, resonating amongst SMB and enterprise clients can be a bit more difficult – the challenge is reaching the right decision […]

“Big Data” & “Big Content” are Sales & Marketing’s Best Friends

The demand for “big data” and “big content” to better acquire, retain, and cross-sell B2B customers is growing rapidly. Since 2010, most B2B companies have made significant investments in four core types of customer engagement platforms: CRM (e.g. Salesforce) Marketing automation (e.g. Eloqua, Marketo) Content management (e.g. Adobe) Social media (e.g. Linkedin) These platforms have […]

From Marketing to Sales: Why Data is Glue

We recently worked with a client in which their marketing-to-sales hand-off process was far from perfect. In fact, many of their marketing investments were going straight to the trash bin. First, sales believed marketing’s leads were unqualified and as a result, they did not proactively follow-up on MQLS. Second, with incomplete or low information, sales […]

Why Your Sales Game Is Lacking & How to Play Ball

It’s no “breaking news” that many of your buyers are online. And by now, I’m sure you are too – between marketing automation, social media and more, we all are digitally invested. Despite the digital migration of your buyers and internal business teams, there is still a disconnect; online marketing activities aren’t translating into insights […]

Marketing Performance: Why Is It So #@$% Hard To Get Basic Results?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker, (attributed) More than 100 years later, marketing executives still feel John Wanamaker’s pain. CMOs are under intense pressure to deliver measurable returns on marketing investments. However, delivering consistent, reliable performance metrics remains a challenge for […]

5 Essential Signals Across the Customer Lifecycle That Every Company Needs (Part 1)

Predictive customer analytics are becoming a must-have for every enterprise sales and marketing organization. Using “big data” to target the right prospects, with the right message, at the right time and place is critical for success. But too often companies settle for a convenient “point solution,” such as lead scoring, that fails to extend predictive […]