Senior Data Science Analyst

Location: Washington, DC Metro (Bethesda, MD)


MarketBridge, a leading marketing insights, data science, and execution company focused on the health, financial services, and technology industries, is seeking an experienced data science analyst to join its Decisions team.

Data scientists at MarketBridge are immediately charged with solving the most interesting and challenging problems that our clients face, using a variety of tools and methods. We are less interested in syntax and more interested in analysts who ask the right questions. We value individuals who are not satisfied with the first answer, but who will keep drilling into the problem until the right answer is found—even if it’s one that people don’t want to hear.

This is a unique opportunity to work on cutting-edge, challenging problems at one of the most dynamic marketing consulting firms in the world.

Duties and Responsibilities

Senior Data Science Analysts on the Decisions Team:

  • Work on one or more client projects simultaneously, solving problems using a hybrid creative-scientific approach
  • Build predictive models, profile customer audiences, visualize data sets, and conduct text analytics
  • Have mastery in specific toolsets, including but not limited to:
    • Data science using R and/or Python
    • Data manipulation using SQL
    • Data visualization using ggplot2, Shiny, or similar libraries
    • Integration of primary research (survey data)
  • Synthethize analytic outputs to construct compelling, detailed, and actionable recommendations for our clients

Background and Skills

 The ideal candidate will be:

  • A data science practitioner with at least two years of full-time work experience
  • Fluent in at least one data science language (Python or R)
  • Competent using version control (e.g. Git / Github)
  • Familiar with data structures, including but limited to SQL, relational databases, and big data environments such as Hadoop / Hive / Pig, Spark, or Snowflake
  • A graduate of a top undergraduate college or university, with a concentration in advanced math, computer science, economics, another hard science, or highly quantitative social science (it is not required to have majored in these areas, but mastery and/or significant coursework must be demonstrated)
  • Ideally, have a master’s or higher degree in a quantitative or scientific field
  • Radically open to new ideas, curious about everything, always questioning, and never content with a surface-level understanding of an issue
  • Extremely conscientious, with excellent study habits and organizational skills
  • An independent self-starter who is comfortable taking risks
  • A solid citizen who is a net contributor to our culture

Culture, Benefits & Perks

At MarketBridge, we work hard.  We also foster a collegial atmosphere through an extremely collaborative work environment and manage to have fun while we address our clients’ business needs in the fast-paced Sales and Marketing Solutions industry. We know that our people are the heart of this firm and the key to our clients’ success. As such, we believe strongly in keeping our people engaged, giving them challenging work, and continuing to develop them throughout their careers. Working at MarketBridge allows you to grow as a leader and create a lasting impact on your clients, colleagues, and career.

You’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits here.  There are too many to list, but highlights include:

  • Industry-competitive compensation
  • Performance-based salary and bonuses
  • A wide array of healthcare options, including medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • 401(k) retirement plan with a company match
  • Generous vacation and holiday time
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Yearly health and wellness credits
  • Casual dress code

Position Title: Senior Data Science Analyst

Manager: Chief Analytics Officer

Type: Full Time

Location: Washington, DC Metro (Bethesda, MD)