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Simplify data and content to empower sales & marketing teams

Every sales and marketing organization has an abundance of customer data, content and technology tools. But are they helping to close the conversion gap?

Stringer™ solutions thread together the most influential content and data to help sales and marketing teams go the “last mile” and convert pipeline into sales. The Stringer™ suite of products make “big data” small and “big content” relevant through ease of access, enhanced targeting and a more efficient workflow. 

Say hello to the new way of closing deals. Say hello to Stringer.

Our approach...


Aggregate your existing content and data into a single library and augment additional data insights from 3rd party sources.

Build a one stop data and content shop.


Uncover who to target, when to target and what message to deliver using powerful analytics based on intent data and customer buying patterns.

Eliminate the who, what, when guessing game.


Deliver those insights inside your existing systems for your sales and marketing teams to efficiently and effectively target and outreach.

Optimize your existing workflow with actionable insights.

Allow sales and marketing to access the right message for the right contact at the right time with Stringer.™

Exceed business goals...

Whether you are looking to break into a new prospect market, cross-sell your latest product, or keep your customers from moving to competitors – Stringer™ fits your need.

Acquire new prospects

Deliver sales-ready leads to inside sales, field sales, and partner channels

Cross-sell existing buyers

Find new buyers in every account, sell more product, increase share-of-wallet

Retain customers for life

Know what customers need and when they need it (before they do)

Make the most of your existing technologies by investing in a solution that works with them, and does not replace them ...

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