We simplify data and content to empower sales and marketing teams

What we do

We make “big data” small
Customer intelligence solutions that streamline access to 100s of external and internal customer buying signals

We make “big content” relevant
Content curation solutions that identify, select, and track the most effective content from 1000s of external and internal sources

 Our solutions “cherry pick” the right data and content for your marketing and sales plays


How we help

ACQUIRE new prospects

Deliver sales-ready leads to inside sales, field sales, and partner channels

CROSS-SELL existing buyers

Find new buyers in every account, sell more product, increase share-of-wallet

RETAIN customers for life

Know what customers need and when they need it (before they do)

We make the most of your existing technologies by working with them, not by replacing them

Who we help

What we deliver

End-to-End Marketing and Sales Solutions

Our solutions and Stringer software technology help clients manage the entire customer buying journey and customer lifecycle to accelerate your sales. By connecting Marketing and Sales we improve alignment, hand-offs, conversion rates, and drive results: revenue growth and reduced cost-of-sale.


Customer Data Aggregation

You have more data than you need, but never in the place you need it. We make sure your Marketing and Sales teams have access to the most powerful customer data. By combining internal CRM, marketing automation, and transaction system data with external third-party demographics and buying behavior sources, we deliver comprehensive customer profiles.

Customer Analytics

Knowing who is ready to buy and when is often a mystery. We ensure you focus on the right customers, at the right time, with the right offer. Our approach analyzes, predicts, and reports customer-buying patterns using segmentation, profiling, share-of-wallet, buying propensity, lead scoring, market basket, and attrition modelling.

Content Aggregation

Most teams have no shortage of content. We curate, tag, and map the most powerful and relevant content to each unique buyer journey. Through any sales or marketing channel – field sales, inside sales, channel partners, or retail – we deliver that content directly to the buyers engaging on your websites and portals.

Content Analytics

Your gut says that half of your content is ineffective; you just don’t know which half. We help you determine which content will deliver the highest return. We identify content that drives conversion across the customer lifecycle and isolate pieces that work best by segment, lifecycle stage, and sales and marketing channel.

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