Great ideas aren’t just running through your veins…

The new DigitalPulse™ delivers precise, tactical market intelligence to add adrenaline to your business.

Intelligence beyond insight.

MarketBridge pinpoints powerful customer and content intelligence to better target and close opportunities. With over 20+ years of deep industry experience, we fuel intelligent, state-of-the-art marketing, sales and channel programs.

The Result?

improvement in acquisition, retention, and cross-sell performance.

Cloud-based intelligence solutions, award-winning services.


Next-gen customer, competitor and product intelligence that informs outreach strategies, messaging development and new sales opportunities.

Distill thousands of monthly digital conversations into tactical competitive actions >


Highly-qualified, trigger-based weekly opportunities delivered to each sales rep delivered with content inside your existing CRM – no additional software licensing required.

Systematically identify, execute on and close your most promising revenue opportunities >


Fully-managed cloud-based library that provides sales and marketing teams easy access and filtering of thousands of valuable content pieces to quickly locate the most relevant content.

Deliver "content on-demand" for each and every sales and marketing opportunity >

Connected enterprise teams.

    Marketing Leaders

  • Monetize marketing spend, track content effectiveness, and improve sales enablement and content usage.
  • Sales Leaders

  • Enable “next gen” digital sellers, improve sales productivity, and increase customer engagement.
  • Channel Leaders

  • On-board channel partners, enable channel sales reps and improve visibility of channel sell-through.

Existing technologies made better.

Delighted enterprise clients.

End-to-end business solutions.

Our intelligence solutions help clients manage the entire customer buying journey and lifecycle to accelerate sales. By connecting Marketing and multi-channel Sales, we improve alignment, hand-offs, conversion rates, and drive results: revenue growth and reduced cost-of-sale. Better yet, our solutions leverage existing enterprise CRM and marketing automation platforms – no additional software licensing required.

Customer Intelligence
You have more data than you need, but never in the place you need it. We make sure your marketing and sales teams have access to the most powerful customer data. By combining internal CRM, marketing automation, and transaction data with external third-party demographics and buying behavior, we deliver highly-qualified opportunities to every sales rep or channel partner inside existing workflows and CRM systems. Our approach analyzes, predicts, and reports customer-buying patterns using segmentation, profiling, share-of-wallet, buying propensity, lead scoring, market basket, and attrition modeling.
Content Intelligence
Most teams have no shortage of content while the average enterprise B2B company loses $8M annually in unused or ineffective content (Kapost). We curate, tag, and map the most powerful and relevant content and deliver easy-access to any sales or marketing channel. Our content filtering by buyer journey, product, industry and more ensures content can be quickly pared down from a massive volume to the most relevant pieces for each sales opportunity. In addition, we help you determine which content will deliver the highest return resulting in a reduction in wasted spend and validation of your content budget.
Market Intelligence
Most teams are monitoring their own social channels, but many businesses fail to monitor and understand the thousands of market, competitor and industry conversations that could inform the next marketing or sales move. From news articles, forums, social media and more, we track 1000s of digital conversations custom to your business, industry, and areas of focus and distill those insights into monthly commentary and tactical guidance. These insights can be used to tailor marketing campaigns, outreach messaging, sales plays, drive partner programs and more.

Channel Intelligence
Most channel partners lack the scale and expertise to use customer intelligence, product knowledge, and content needed to grow share-of-wallet. We arm vendors and partners with the insight and content needed to drive growth and build vendor loyalty while increasing a vendor’s return on MDF. By using actionable channel data, relevant channel content, vital enablement tactics and vendor-specific market insight, we deliver strategic partner readiness programs and data-driven partner plays.
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