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MarketBridge software and solutions help Fortune 500 companies analyze marketing and sales data to prioritize leads, deliver on-target content, and create loyal customers.


Stringer embeds predictive analytics in an elegantly simple desktop and mobile app. Empower your salespeople with lead scoring, customer profiles and activity insights. Stringer recommends the best content for every stage of the customer journey, then lets reps personalize and share it with one click.


Maximize the impact of your content with ContentHub. Real-time predictive algorithms surface the most relevant content at the right moment. Engage customers with timely information tailored to their needs, while you shorten sales cycles and reduce content-creation costs.

SMART™ Analytics

SMART Analytics combines your own customer data with five core external signals to deliver critical insights at every stage of the customer journey. It’s the analytical engine that powers MarketBridge software (and our custom-built solutions).

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