Power up sales plays & blow away targets

with ground-breaking marketing & sales enablement solutions


Aggregate customer data from your existing systems and hundreds of external sources


Deliver analytics that enable sales and marketing teams to run scalable acquisition, retention, and cross-sell plays

Predictive customer analytics
that provide 360 degree customer insight and prioritize outreach

Personalized content
that automates curation of the best content or offer for each buyer

Connected marketing and sales
that “cracks the code” to acquiring, retaining, and growing customers for life

Execute through easy-to-use platforms that value-multiply your investments in CRM and marketing automation systems

SMART™ Analytics

A customer intelligence cloud that integrates online and offline customer data to generate deeper customer insight, create key buying signals, and proactively personalize content, offers, and sales plays.

Stringer™ for Marketing

A marketing enablement platform that delivers relevant, personalized content to buyers at each stage of the buying journey. Stringer™ tracks customer online activity, measures content consumption, and converts buyers from online to sales engagement at the right time.

Stringer™ for Sales

Stringer™ for Sales enables sales reps to run better plays by engaging prospects and proactively managing their journey from online clicks to offline closes.

Unleash greater productivity in marketing, inside sales, field sales, account and channel sales teams

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