Improve Sales Productivity and Marketing ROI
with Digital Customer Engagement & Analytics.

Today’s business buyers and consumers conduct more than 60% of their buying process through digital channels, regardless of how they eventually make a purchase.

Companies that fail to leverage digital marketing and an audience engagement strategy into their traditional marketing and sales processes will increasingly drop leads, miss deals, and experience shrinking pipelines.

MarketBridge delivers digital engagement and analytics solutions to our Fortune 1000 and emerging growth clients by connecting marketing and sales to increase pipeline volume, velocity, close rates, and customer loyalty.

Our RevenueEngines™ and SMART™ Analytics solutions are powered by best-of-breed technologies including social, marketing automation, CRM, and business intelligence, all of which dramatically improve our clients’ revenue growth, cost efficiency, and customer experience.


The Ultimate Guide to The New Buyer's Journey

Customers have changed the way they buy, so you need to change the way you market and sell. We provide the 5 audience engagement strategies needed to address the changing buyer's journey.