Killing Reps Softly with Customer Data and Marketing Content

As sales leaders, we spend a lot of our time trying to figure out how to make our sales teams more productive. Selling into the sales and marketing technology space, MarketBridge sees many of our clients and peers struggling to do the same. Through that observation, an interesting and counter-intuitive trend has emerged. In an […]

Content Personalization: 4 Things Every Marketer Needs to Know (Part 4)

The explosion of interest in predictive analytics in B2B sales and marketing is long overdue. Making up for lost time, the topic is quickly evolving from a narrow focus on targeting – exemplified by the profusion of companies specializing in lead scoring – to a more expansive view of analytics that includes content personalization. Simply […]

How to Leverage Personalized Content to Win the Deal: Part 5

In part 5 of the Digitally Enabled Sales Rep series, we’re discussing what has become the new currency in sales: content. Buyers are using content to support their decision making and to understand their options. In fact, 67% of the buying journey is complete before engaging with sales. Sales reps who can get ahead of […]

7 Critical Elements For a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

As a marketer today, you probably are doing some form of content marketing, whether you call it that or not. In formal terms, Content Marketing Institute defines content marketing as “a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience – and, ultimately, to […]

5 Analyses to Take Your Content Performance to the Next Level

What content pieces on my site are performing the best? What do we need to have on the site for visitors to come back? Why did this content go viral (and conversely, why didn’t this content go viral)? You’ve probably been on the giving or receiving end of these questions countless times. Even as companies […]

How to Leverage Content Marketing to Skyrocket Sales

You know what they say…content is king. Yet, we often hear a recurring question: “Can content marketing increase sales?” Luckily, the general answer is “yes!” Content marketing and sales go hand-in-hand because content can drive interested visitors to your site. The click-through rates show that many customers are interested in more than just the advice […]

Take the Lead: Content Mapping for Lead Nurture

It is known that a lead nurture program is a critical component to converting leads into sales. An integral part of any lead nurture strategy revolves around mapping the right content at the right time to a prospective buyer. The buying cycle is generally a four step process which includes awareness, interest, consideration, and purchase. […]

A Simplified Approach to Developing a Content Strategy for Nurturing

A recent Ascend2 study asked 375 marketing, sales and business professionals about the tactics they use to generate demand[1]. Both content marketing and email marketing came out on top as THE most effective lead generation and lead nurturing tactics. Even though marketers continue to focus on content marketing, according to the study nearly half (48%) […]

Mapping Content to the Buying Cycle

Anticipating the needs of a potential customer has always been one of the cornerstones of effective sales. In the digital age, when we no longer have the luxury of face-to-face contact with our customers, the content we provide is what builds that important connection. Too often, marketers attempt to make their content as universal as […]

Content Marketing Strategies for Today’s Businesses

“Content marketing” is one of those buzzwords that sounds simple enough in theory but is rarely executed well. Roughly, it refers to the practice of promoting your brand through blog posts, infographics and other resources that position you as an expert in your field. While much of the most trusted and useful content on the […]