2019 Commercial Cards Report

Identifying the most relevant and timely insights on competitors, customers and partners in the commercial card space in Q1 2019 to help you stay ahead of the market.

The Last Mile Opportunity Whitepaper

Digital disruptors are winning by reducing friction, driving customer loyalty and cross-sell. How traditional industry players can fight back…

Should You Fire Your Sales Force?

Ok, maybe firing the entire sales force is a little radical. But wait…put yourself in the shoes of a product exec trying to grow her business unit within a mid- to large-size enterprise. Here is what many, many executives are experiencing in the digital transformation of the four Ps — product, price, promotion, place: Digital […]

Sales Prioritization: Turning Art Into Science

The art of selling parallels the discipline of time management. Selling, like time management, is knowing how to prioritize and manage your time. Today, most sellers go through a manual process to figure out who to touch, when to do it, and what to say on a monthly, weekly and daily basis. Yet, artificial Intelligence […]

5 Considerations Before “Investing” in Your Sales Stack Strategy

The single question that I get asked the most as a Sales Operations lead is “When?!” In today’s tangled web of sales stack tools, data and analytics, sales leaders want to know “how quickly can we can install all the new shiny sales tools?” But instead of asking when, the first question should be “Are […]

Heads of Sales Are Getting Back to Basics in 2017

We speak with heads of sales every week. It’s what we do as a business. Here’s what we’re hearing out in the market… The world ran to cool new tools, technologies, data, training systems, sales methodologies, and a series of experiments in the post-recession era. But rather than fixing the sales problem, it led to […]

MSFT + LNKD: Welcome to the New World of Sales Enablement

Here at MarketBridge, we had collective smiles on our faces when we heard the news. We have been predicting and investing against this scenario for over two years and it’s great to see the big players validate our strategy. Ok, so we didn’t exactly predict this deal, but what MSFT sees is that the era […]

Webinar-On-Demand: “Is Sales Prep Killing Your Pipeline?” with Sales for Life and MarketBridge

How to Personalize Your Sales Outreach Using Data

Personalization: It’s on everyone’s mind. How to provide that hyper-personalized experience to show your customers that you know, and can provide them, what they need. While there is a lot of talk as to how to deliver personalized messages effectively and efficiently, there’s a big first step: How do you even figure out what they […]

#CEBSummit Takeaways: Insights on B2B Buying & Ways Sales and Marketing Must Adapt

At the end of October our team attended the CEB Sales & Marketing Summit in Las Vegas. Over 1,200 sales and marketing leaders convened for, what we believe to be, the most valuable B2B sales and marketing event of the year. (If you are in this space, you need to get to this conference.) The […]