The Changing Face of Distribution Marketing to Seniors

I’ve noticed a funny trend among marketers. We tend to talk about younger consumers in terms of their generation—for example, the term “millennials” has been a stand-in for a nyone under 35 for what seems like a decade or more—seniors are always seniors. I imagine this is due to some collective failure of imagination, whereby […]

MarketBridge Research: The Best B2B Marketing List Providers

Objective We are trying to understand the best B2B lists for acquiring new customers. We are interested in lists used to conduct email, direct mail, and telephone campaigns, across small business to Large Enterprise. We are asking B2B marketers to rate the effectiveness, accuracy, breadth, and cost of various list providers. Once the data are […]

Episode 5: The End-to-End Strategy to Improve Customer Acquisition

The Killer Slide Series on Data-Driven Revenue Growth In Episode 5, MarketBridge’s CEO discusses how to improve customer acquisition and reduce CAC (customer acquisition costs) in 3 steps. With email response rates declining and sale’s lead acceptance low, today’s demand waterfall is steep. In fact, out of 10,000 prospects targeted, 4 deals might close. Businesses […]

Your Leads – Rotting Away Like Week Old Fruit…

“Big data,” “predictive analytics,” and “lead nurture” are all the buzz when it comes to go to market strategy…. So, you, not wanting to fall behind in the digital sales and marketing world invested in some pretty cool solutions that should help you gather more leads and close more deals: Marketing automation tools – analyzes […]

So, You Think You Need a New Lead Scoring Model?

Often characterized by its blend of big data with predictive analytics, lead scoring has quickly emerged as a prevalent solution aimed to support demand generation and sales by identifying the right prospects to prioritize outreach. Over the past few years, investment in lead scoring solutions have increased exponentially as many companies have shifted resources to […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Never Use “Black Box” Lead Scoring

We see it constantly–analytics vendors who claim to offer lead scoring services that will increase your conversion rates enormously and leave you begging for more. These companies typically promise a quick and easy lead scoring deployment that will yield a +20% increase in conversion rates. How the vendors plan to achieve said results, however, isn’t […]

Customer Acquisition

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5 Tips to Improve Your Email Campaigns

Are you seeing the desired results from your email campaigns? If you answer “no,” you’re not alone. Check and see if you’re missing any of these best practices in your marketing strategy: Create lead nurturing programs, not email marketing. “Email marketing” oftentimes translates to sending one-off emails to customers, when companies want to promote activities […]

3 Essential Things You Need to Know About B2B Predictive Lead Scoring (Part 3)

Over the last few years there has been a significant rise in the number of B2B sales and marketing organizations moving from traditional MAP and point-based lead scoring to predictive lead scoring. Many of these early adopters are now two or more years into using predictive lead scoring, and a number of common challenges and […]

Why Most Lead Scoring Systems Fail to Accelerate Sales: Part 4

Continuing with our Digitally Enabled Sales Rep series, today we’re discussing predictive analytics and lead scoring. Today’s seller is able to target and reach out to far more prospects than ever in the past. Tools like LinkedIn have created the ability to dig into any account to identify and reach out to almost all potential […]